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                Company profile

                Advocating people-oriented enterprise culture, attaching importance to the training of staff's cultural quality and improving the successful experience of foreign enterprise culture To encourage employees to exert their initiative, through various fo



                The chairman of the ...

                Message from the Chairman

                Dongguan Tongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Beijing Kowloon, Beijing Guangzhou railway interchange, Changping Town, Dongguan City, set up a refrigerator division, plastic molding machine equipment division, water treatment equipment divi



                Developing processin...

                Developing processing

                From 1985 to now : In the 1985 ,March ,Hongkong Tongsheng Holdings Limited Was founded in HongKong ,1985. It owns import and export license , its a mulitfunctional group which engaged in machinery scientific research , manufacture and sale .



                corporate culture

                corporate culture Chairman

                Mainly Tone : Blue show the customer : Harmony and win -win Red show the staff : warmth and friendly


                With the international leading level, enjoy independent intellectual property rights of all kinds of cold water machine system, water treatment system, precision cleaning machine equipment, hollow molding blow molding machine equipment and plastic au

                • Tongsheng Super SPB-...

                  This style is Tongsheng’s smallest blow...

                • Water cooled scroll ...

                  The feature of Tongsheng water cooled t...

                • Automatic Mould Temp...

                  Tongsheng Brand Oil type temperature an...

                • Tongsheng Brand plas...

                  Introduction : Tongsheng Series p...


                Exhibition Information

                CHINAPLAS 2014 chinaplas, CHINAPLAS 2015 chinaplas, China International Optical Fair 2015, China Yuyao International Plastics Fair 2015, CHINAPLAS 2016 Chinaplas

                HOW INFO


                Foreign The group photos for International Exhibition


                2015 China International Optoe...

                China International Optoelectronic Expo It is the one member of UFI. The 17th&n...


                China Plastics Expo 2014

                Chinaplas It is the biggest rubber and plastic exhibition in Asian, which has 3...


                2015 China (Yurao city) Intern...

                China International Plastics Fair has been hold for 17th from 1999 successfully, now it has th...